Seat ramp prep

Not a ton of stuff tonight. I started working on prepping the front seat ramp parts. Nothing unusual here – final-drilling some nutplate rivet holes, trimming some extra material, and deburring all the holes and edges. Deburring here was more fun since there were lots of little nooks and crannies. Long straight edges are a cinch on the bench grinder, these little guys require some creative work with assorted needle files.

I was going to get the nutplates riveted in, but I can’t seem to find my little bin of NAS rivets, which is especially frustrating seeing as how I just cleaned and organized all this stuff within the past two weeks. Wait…I think now I remember where they are, sec…


…yup, found them. So I’m set for some nutplate riveting next time. Then I think these parts just need primer and/or paint if needed. I’ll have to decide what really does need paint – I think only the ribs for the ramp will be visible, with the rest covered by the seat cushion, so there shouldn’t be much to do here.

No photos this time. Feel free to use your imagination to envision me hunched over small parts, squinting and wielding a needle file.

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