Really, I should be more upbeat, because I’m finally closing in on the end of this semi-farce. I did a couple more iterations of enlarging the passthrough holes, and finally got to a point where I was comfortable committing to drilling the linkage mount hole in the forward throttle arm. (which required disassembling both throttles…again…) Then I did two test fits of the linkage; the first test fit showed that the holes needed a little more work, so I filed away at them some more. The second test fit is looking pretty good, but still not perfect. The linkage is still making light contact at the bottom of two of the holes:

IMG 6586

Just needs a little bit more filing…another day…

Here’s the linkage in place:

IMG 6581

And a close-up of the front throttle attach point:

IMG 6583

Once I get those holes taken care of, I’ll be pretty much done here. The only other thing to be addressed is the friction lock for the front throttle; since I moved it away from the mounting plate, I’ll probably need to swap out the bolt there to account for the difference. Oh, and I still need to fabricate a new top cover plate for the front throttle.

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