Tail stuff

Tonight I started by match-drilling the holes between the lower center section flanges and the forward floor and bottom skins. For some reason I’d thought that the instructions specified these be drilled from the inside, but apparently I dreamed that. That’s fine with me, because there’s lots of stuff in the way inside and nothing on the outside. The only downside was that I had to lie on the ground under the fuselage.

Next, I clecoed the aft bulkhead tops into place, then pulled the aft top skin out of the guest bedroom and clecoed it into place:

IMG 6439

Then I fitted the aft deck and drilled it in assembly with the longerons. The horizontal stab assembly will sit on top of the aft deck when it’s installed. Here’s the deck clamped in place prior to drilling:

IMG 6436

Next up will be the forward canopy rails…tomorrow…

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