Rear seat finished, back to fuse drilling

Started out today by beginning to rivet the rear seat. This was somewhat interesting due to the shape of this thing. In general, it was challenging to find some way to hold the pieces steady while I riveted; in particular, the curved top section made it awkward to use the squeezer. So what I’m getting it is that it took a little longer than I expected. But still, it’s done, and so I of course put it in place in the fuselage for a photo op:

IMG 6416

Then I got back to work on drilling the fuselage. I got through drilling everything on the left forward side skin before quitting for dinner. Looking ahead, and based on the rate I was going at today, I think it’s possible I could finish match drilling everything back to the tailcone tomorrow. I’m going to run to Home Depot in the morning to pick up materials to make a couple sawhorses; the setup I have now is kind of wobbly and not exactly confidence-inspiring, plus I’ll soon need to climb into this thing to do some match drilling, so I’ll need it lower to the floor and definitely on something more sturdy than these cheap plastic sawhorses.

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