Initial longeron fitting

OK, not a lot of work tonight really. I finally managed to get the aft bottom skin fully clecoed into place. Next I pulled clecos from the upper portion of all the side skins in preparation for fitting the longerons. Then I pulled the longerons down from overhead storage and tried slipping them in place.

The good news is that the bends appear to be in the right place:

20150818 215012

But I can’t really do a true test fit because at the aft end, they interfere with the horizontal stab bars:

20150818 215047

I assume that the aft ends of the longerons will be notched or something here. And it occurs to me as I write this that those bars are just clecoed in place, and so I can easily remove them to do a full fitting of the longerons. But now I already quit for the night…well, now I know what to start with next time… 

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