Seat rib assembly deburring

Ah, the drudgery part of building: deburring everything in sight. Tonight I removed all the clecoes I’d installed previously and went to town deburring. First I did the bottom skins; I cleaned the edges, deburred the holes, and then did some strategic rolling of the edges where there will be lap joints down the road. After setting the skins aside, I disassembled the ribs, angles, and so forth from the rear spar bulkhead and went to work on those. I’d hoped to finish all the deburring tonight, but I only got through the rivet holes on all those pieces. Some of the ribs had their edges done previously, but the bulkhead and some of the heavy bar stock pieces are still pretty rough. Guess I’ll pick back up with the edge finishing tomorrow night.

Here’s a photo of a big pile of parts:

IMG 5978

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