Assorted part prepping

Tonight mostly consisted of getting the parts I have lying around fully prepped and ready for priming this weekend. I double-checked the flush screw countersinks in the gear tower angles and found that they were a little shallow, so I countersunk them all a little more. I’m still being conservative on them though, as countersinking too much will compromise strength, and I definitely don’t want that on an area like this that will be taking a lot of stress.

Next I finished the edges of the lightening holes in the gear tower faces along with the larger holes in the tower sides. (I think those are for fuel lines and engine control cables) I also got in my replacement firewall angle from Van’s today, so I final-drilled that, countersunk the holes as needed, and redrilled the 1/4” hole for the rudder pedal assembly.

And now all the parts for the gear towers and firewall are prepped, marked as needed, and ready for priming. Looks like I’ll be shooting a lot this weekend…

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