Firewall dimpling & countersinking

Started out tonight by breaking out the C-frame and dimpling most of the rivet holes in the firewall. All these holes will get flush rivets on the forward side. There are a handful of the holes that don’t get dimpled, though; four of them are where a spacer sits on the forward side, and the rest are where two nutplates sit on the forward side. Next I moved on to countersinking all the firewall angles to match those dimpled holes. This went well, except for the part where I countersunk one hole too many:

IMG 5755

Yup, that’s one of those holes that doesn’t get dimpled, so it shouldn’t be countersunk on the angle either. Welp, another piece for the scrap bin.

After wrapping up all the countersinking, I set the firewall aside – no more work on that until I get the replacement part from Van’s. So I moved on to the next step, which is the fuselage floor. All I really intended to do was to gather the parts and cleco them together, but once again, it took forever to find some of the parts. But I finally found them, and here’s that assembly clecoed together:

IMG 5757

IMG 5759

And that’s all for tonight.

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