Fuselage organization, bit of flap prep

OK, so a lot of stuff going on today, didn’t have a lot of time in the garage. I did run out to Harbor Freight to pick up another storage case, which now contains some of the bagged small parts that would fit in the little bin inserts. The rest of the smaller parts still live in a cardboard box under the workbench. Hopefully it won’t be too horribly tough to find stuff when I need it.

I also spent a little time remembering where I was on the flaps and getting back to work. I deburred the holes in the hinge halves and the edges of the spars. The weather is looking good for tomorrow (after a monsoon day today), so I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll try and finish prepping the flap parts and get them primed. All I really have left before I can prime is to edge finish the ribs and dimple/countersink the ribs and spars. I’ll try an get an early start tomorrow for a good long day of work.

No photos today, not much to see.

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