Aileron stiffener match drilling and dimpling

Tonight I clecoed all the aileron stiffeners in place on their skins and match drilled:

IMG 5302

Then I deburred the holes and dimpled the stiffeners:

IMG 5304

I wasn’t quite ready to quit, so I found a small stupid job to take up a little more time. There are four aileron spar reinforcement plates to be made. There are four .040” alclad pieces already cut to size, they just need the corners rounded and the edges cleaned up:

IMG 5306

A little work on the bench grinder and they’re looking good:

IMG 5307

Tomorrow I think we really will get some riveting done. I’ll probably also make a Home Depot run this weekend to get materials for the wing cradle and also to make a bending brake for the ailerons and flaps. I built one before for the tail control surfaces, but apparently I left it in Atlanta. No big deal, it’s just some 2×6 lumber and door hinges.

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