Left landing light, continued

The 24-hour waiting period ran out today, by which I mean I didn’t abruptly think of anything really stupid that I did last night while tracing the light cutout. So tonight I went right to work cutting the hole. Well sort of…there was still that lead-up period where I had to convince myself to really go ahead and cut a hole in my nice leading edge piece.

First, I rough cut the hole with a cutoff disc in the Dremel:

IMG 5114

Next I switched to a high-speed cutting bit and eased all the edges out to where they needed to be: (sorry for the blurry photo, the camera apparently wasn’t sure what to focus on)

IMG 5115

Then I fine-tuned the hole with a file and cleaned up the edges with a flap wheel in the Dremel:

IMG 5116

Finally, I put the template back in place and drilled the pilot holes for the lens mount points:

IMG 5117

I need to do a little research on the rest of this thing. I sat down and reread the instructions, but I’m not at all clear on exactly how the reflector (to which the bulb mounts) will attach to the ribs while allowing for adjustment. The instructions are good for the most part, but they could do with some better photos and/or drawings of the reflector assembly. I don’t think this will be much trouble, but I definitely want to get it right…

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