Left tank end ribs

Well, not a lot to report tonight. We had things going on in the morning, and then I may have taken a nap when we got home, but I finally did get out later in the evening to get the end ribs sealed and clecoed in place. The fun part about this task isn’t so much the sealing, but the cleanup afterwards. I’ve been more liberal with the sealant on these ribs, since in my mind they’re more critical then the interior ribs. As a result, there’s a lot more squeeze-out, and thus a lot more to clean up, especially since I don’t want any buildup in the outboard end of the tank to interfere with the fit later on.

Anyway, that’s it for tonight. Not a lot to take pictures of, so no photos tonight. Tomorrow I rivet these things in and maybe try and get the fuel sender plates in place. That should give me this week for any touch-up tasks, and to let the sealant cure, and then I can do my water leak test late this week and then finally get these baffles in place!

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