Skins dimpled

Got Josie to come out an help me dimple the tank skins today. With the new c-frame table I made, a lot of this could actually be done solo, but it helps a lot to have a second set of hands, especially when doing the holes up near the leading edge bend. The table worked out pretty good, though I had some issues with the c-frame tending to move around in it and not keep the die level with the table top. I’m considering drilling a hole across the slot for the frame and through the frame so I can put a long bolt through to keep it in place.

I also discovered – once we got around to doing the screw dimples – that the screw dimple dies are not as tall as the #40 dies, so they actually sat below the table top. I solved this problem by making a spacer out of some scrap angle to go between the die and the c-frame. Problem solved!

C-frame table in use:

IMG 2197

Hey look, dimples!

IMG 2199

I also prepped the inboard ribs by countersinking the nutplate rivet holes in the reinforcement rings and dimpling the ribs to match. If I can get my mixing tile and a putty knife from Home Depot tomorrow, I’m hoping to make my first sealing attempt with those reinforcement rings starting tomorrow night.

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