Wing stand fine-tuning

Not really a productive evening. I had every intention – I even turned on the garage A/C as soon as I got home from work. After dinner, we took the dogs for a walk, and then I decided to lie down for a bit before heading out to the garage.

Suddenly, it was 9:00. I guess I was more tired than I thought.

Anyway, I decided that given my concern that the jack pad might need to be extended, it would make sense to do a test fit of the stand I’d built. This way I could see how thing lined up, and make adjustments from the start for the second stand. I figured I’d go ahead and drill the outboard rib for the holes that attach it to the stand, cleco the rib to the spar, and set everything in place. Then I could cleco another rib in place and see how it lined up with the screw jack.

The was the result:

IMG 9031

As you can see, the jack seems to be lined up OK with the center of the rib’s trailing edge, but it is right up against the edge of the pad. I don’t really like it sitting right on the edge like that, so what I’ll do is cut another 2×6 piece and attach it parallel to the long planks. Then I can cut a slightly larger MDF piece and I’ll end up with another inch and a half of room on the jack pad.

That means I have some more wood cutting to do. The garage is too cluttered at the moment to do the cutting in there, which is fine by me anyway – I’d rather generate a bunch of sawdust in the driveway if possible. That means further construction is hereby put off until tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, I spent some time last night working up a Photoshop document that I intend to use to start doing some panel planning. It’s really ridiculously early to be doing any serious planning, but seeing a mockup is kind of motivating and just plain (plane?) fun. Here’s what I have so far; it’s pretty rudimentary. Most notably, I think stacking two 7” Skyview displays like I have here would require some modification of the panel. Hmmm…

Sparse panel

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