Garage cleanup day

Had some other to-do items to attend to this morning, so it wasn’t until the afternoon that I got out to the garage. Building the plans stand was a nice kickstarter for getting the project back in gear, but the garage was still quite cluttered. Rather than do one of those minimal “clean off the workbench” passes, I decided it was time for a more thorough cleaning. Fast-forward several hours, and now everything is back in its place and the garage is ready for some real work to commence again tomorrow.

I also spent some money on a Bluetooth speaker unit for the garage. Previously, I’d had a not-very-portable speaker set that got toted around the house, and could occasionally be found in the garage, but most of the time, I didn’t feel like locating it and moving it back out there when commencing work. Now I have a speaker that can live out there semi-permanently, and I can keep my phone on me as well instead of having to plug it to the speaker system with a wire. Hooray for music!

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