Wings will be here TOMORROW!

It’s been a little strange not working on anything actively the last few weeks, but I won’t have that problem for much longer.  This morning I called Van’s to inquire about the order status, and found out the wings shipped last Wednesday.  Anne also gave me a tracking number, with which I found that my wings were last seen in Memphis early this morning, with an estimated delivery date of…TOMORROW!  Sure enough, I got a call from Con-Way Freight just a bit ago, and we set up a delivery window for tomorrow afternoon.  They’re also going to have the driver give me a call about 30 minutes in advance so I can just run home to help unload, and then back to work.  This way I don’t have to either take the whole day off or work from home.

It’s probably a good thing the delivery window is in the late afternoon, because I have a feeling my productivity at work is going to plummet with the knowledge that those crates are in the garage, waiting to be inventoried.

Meanwhile, i did finally get the horizontal/elevator assembly stored, after it resided on sawhorses in the garage for several weeks.  It’s now hanging in my bedroom. (because, well, where else would you hang airplane parts but in the bedroom?)  I still have to get the vertical/rudder assembly stored, but I have an idea for that…which I suppose I should implement tonight, since tomorrow Big Things will be afoot…

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