No, I didn't give up already…

Wow, six weeks or so since I last put something here.  Impressive, and not necessarily in a good way.  The good news is that today I made the big jump.  Sometime around midday today, I faxed my order form to Van’s, and presumably my empennage kit will be on its way to me in the near future.  Fun time is about to begin.

In the meantime, lest anyone think I’ve been doing absolutely nothing the past month and a half…well, I’d say you were wrong, but not entirely.  Obviously no building activities have taken place, but I have been gradually filling out the workshop.  In addition to the workbench I built in our last installment, I now have a 30-gallon compressor, a bench grinder with Scotchbrite wheel, a shop vac, and some other assorted bits and pieces that will come in handy.  Which is good, since I expect I’ll be putting them to use in the very near future.

Stay tuned for actual build stuff!

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