Lower cowl hinge fit

Just more chipping away at the cowl hinge. Last night, I worked on modifying the lower cowl-firewall hinge. In order to accommodate the new horizontal hinge location, I needed to remove one eye from the cowl half of the firewall hinges. Once those were trimmed, cleaned up, and reinstalled, I got the two lower horizontal hinge halves cut to length and those cut ends cleaned up as well. I also broke out the rivet fan and marked all of my rivet hole spots on the lower cowl.

Tonight was drilling time – just clamping each hinge half in place and doing a lot of drilling, moving clamps, adding clecoes, and so on. Once the two lower halves were drilled and flecked, I marked the upper halves and got those cut to length as well. Last order of business for the evening was to lay the upper cowl in place again and mark the area where I needed to remove some material to accommodate the hinge pins during fitment – that’ll be where I pick things up next session.

In the meantime, hey look, it’s a hinge:

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