Battery mount wrap-up

That’s right – finally I have a completed, functional battery mount. I ha a bit of a lull over the past week due to an ankle injury that I needed to stay off of, which meant avoiding lots of standing in the shop. But now things are better, and I had the day off, so it was time to get back to it.

The main fun was, once again, laying out the assorted lightening holes I wanted to make, and then actually cutting/drilling the holes. Only the largest one was made with my hole cutter; the rest were just done with a large step drill. After doing that, cleaning up the edges, and drilling for/installing the nutplates for the battery box, it was finally time to hang the thing on the firewall:

Then I got the battery and contactors mounted:

Which led to the real fun, starting to think more about electrical routing. I ended up breaking out all the assorted ring terminals I’d ordered, and just started installing the terminals in all the various spots they needed to live, in order to start visualizing how cables and stuff ought to be routed. I think I’m going to relocate the ANL fuse holder and amp shunt, but that’s part of also thinking about where I want to mount the battery fuse bus and the relay for the e-bus feed. I suspect I’ll just end up putting them on the firewall up high, but we’ll see where I land on that.

I did decide to go ahead and make some cables that didn’t need much thinking, but that only went as far as the short cable tying the two contactors together. Turns out I’m short on the large heat shrink I’m using on these cables…another thing to order from Amazon. I’ve got the tubing for the smaller 6AWG cables for the alternator and main bus feeds, but…got to think about that routing too. Also I’m still missing a spacer to install the standby alternator, so I can’t wire that up now either.

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of jumping around on this FWF stuff. I think my next move is to work on the stainless firewall penetrations, since I’ll want those in place before I do any more work on harness stuff. I guess I could also go ahead and fab the case top mount for the second ignition coil pack…and it kinda feels like I’ll need to start mucking with baffling at some point since that’s going to have a lot of effect on wiring routing…well, just gotta keep plugging away.

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