A bit more battery mount progress

Whew – it’s been a busy few days out here. We had evening events both Thursday and Friday, so no after-work shop time those days. Then I spent all day yesterday helping my brother move, and today was lots of housework, including finally giving in to the inevitable and mowing the grass. But I still made sure to squeeze in an hour for build stuff today.

Anyway, this evening’s work was just taking the previous session’s rough-cut edges of the mount and working them into their final lines, then cleaning all the edges up and making things nice and smooth. Not a lot to describe here, just repeated work with the Dremel cutter, then some filing to straighten out edges as needed, then smoothing with sanding discs. As usual, the old grooved flap wheel knocked off the burrs nicely.

So the outside edges are now done. Next up will be cutting some lightening holes, which should be relatively easy work – that’s just using the circle cutter, unlike this complex layout work.

For a photo op, I temporarily mounted the battery box plus the contactors, though now that I review this photo I see that it shows basically none of the actual mount:

651DE398 7E2D 4D21 8E89 8A5AA55E143F

At least I had the smarts to flip the thing over and get a pic of the backside too, which actually shows off tonight’s work:

30DE0CC5 37F0 485C B4E7 6323FD276766

The one “20/20 hindsight” thought I’m having is that I probably would have been better off avoiding all those fancy concave cutouts between/around the mounting holes. It would have saved a lot of manual finishing work, and I probably could have saved just as much weight by way of additional/larger lightening holes. Oh well, that ship has sailed now.

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