Prop governor install

Nothing too exciting tonight. I wanted to start adding more accessories to the back of the engine, and the prop governor seemed like a reasonable place to start. I just had to remove the blanking plate left by the folk at Titan, and get the mounting pad nice and clean:

Then paint up the new gasket with sealant and get the governor in place. It only mounts one way so there’s no concern of whether I should clock it a certain way or anything. Sorry for the dark photo; the high bay lights in the hangar are out of commission, so this was taken as we crept towards dusk:

I also attempted to install the standby alternator on the vacuum pump pad, only to find that it interferes with the oil filter adapter. Unlike the governor, the alternator can be clocked one of four ways, but all four had interference issues. I guess I’ll be needing some other kind of oil filter mount; this will require some research on my part.

One final point – I got in the longer belt I ordered for the primary alternator. When I installed it, I was a little surprised that the alternator ended up at about the middle of the adjustment rang provided by the bracket; I’d figured it’d be much tighter against the engine. It got me wondering whether I’d been careless with the shorter belt, so I tried using the original one and…yup, it fits after all. I’m guessing when I tried before I didn’t have it fully seated in the flywheel groove. Long story short, the second belt I ordered wasn’t necessary at all.

Now I guess I need to start figuring out the oil filter issue.

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