Tailwheel setup

Just another short session in the shop tonight. I went ahead and reinstalled all the tailwheel stuff I got repainted over the weekend, and as mentioned previously, I treated it like final assembly, complete with greasing everything as needed. When that was done, I couldn’t resist grabbing the steering link out of its box and getting that installed as well. The link is pretty easy to set up, just requiring a bit of length adjustment to ensure that the rudder and tailwheel are centered at the same time. It all looks pretty slick put together, and it’s fun to waggle the rudder and make the wheel swivel at the same time:

I also opened up the access holes on the forward bottom skins for installing the main gear wear plates – just need enough room to get a 7/16” socket in there. Hopefully tomorrow I can install the wear plates, and…maybe…even hoist up the fuselage and see about installing the legs themselves…we’ll see.

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