Elevator tip filling

Short session tonight – I just mixed up a batch of micro to fill out the forward ends of the elevator tips. I did this with the tips clecoed in place, so I could also work micro into the gap between the tip and the skin, since that needed filling in a few places. I’d hoped to maybe do some filling on the horizontal stab tips, but by the time I finished working the micro into the seams it was starting to stiffen up pretty well, so I think I’d be better just doing those tips separately.

One thing I did differently from the rudder tip – I didn’t temporarily pop rivet the tips in place. Getting the cheap rivets out was more annoying than I liked, so I decided to dispense with that step. It was a little more tedious to work around the cloches, but overall not bad at all.

Of course, as is the case with micro, currently thing looks pretty nasty, but with sanding they should shape up pretty nicely. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

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