Glassing over the elevator counterweights…again

Not a lot to report tonight. I finished taping up the elevators after running out for more packing tape, got the tips clecoed in place, and laid up two layers of glass over each counterweight. I decided to trim the glass plies immediately rather than waiting for them to cure partially, since the goal was to make sure they were pulled in tight against the counterweights. I figured they’d be more likely to sit proud if I waited.

I think this was a good idea, but making it happen was somewhat annoying. At first I tried using a razor to cut the glass, but even something that sharp was more likely to drag the cloth than cut it. I ended up using my little pizza-cutter type thing that I use for cutting raw glass cloth, which did the trick but then was a lot of fun to clean up.

From the looks of things I’ll have much better results than last time; tomorrow we’ll get to find out if my optimism is merited. In the meantime, here’s another photo of wet glass and peel ply:

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