Rudder tip, yet again

So tonight after doing a bit of post-work flying, I got to sanding down my newly-epoxied tips. One immediate problem I had were some runs in the epoxy; it seems my attempts to squeegee off all the excess weren’t good enough. One recommendation for this procedure was to use a nappy paint roller to remove excess, but I didn’t have one so I tried the squeegee method. That, in turn, made sanding a little more fun than it needed to be, and I definitely went through the epoxy shell in a few places. Still, everything felt nice and smooth, so after fine-tuning and doing a final fit check, I decided it was time to shoot filler primer.

Here are the pieces after I shot a couple coats. One thing you might notice on the far left of the rudder tip is…a good-size pinhole. And it’s not the only one. The stab tip has a couple as well. Looks like I’ll be sanding this primer right back off and doing even more epoxy work. Maybe a trip to the hardware store for some paint supplies is in order tomorrow…

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