Harness assembly part 8 (connections!)

Didn’t have quite as much time in the shop today, mainly due to some other obligations that included driving out to Hobby to pick up Josie (she’s been visiting family in Atlanta). I did find the time to finish lacing up the panel portion of the harness, and then I decided there wasn’t much else to do but start terminating stuff. I started from the very end of the panel service loop, and got the connectors done for the radio and autopilot panels.

The radio connector was pretty easy – just six pins in a 15-pin connector – but the autopilot also had a 15-pin connector with only one vacancy. That one was a bit less fun. It’ll be really great when I get to the 37-pin connectors for the EMS and HDX displays. At least the latter are somewhat sparse, but I can’t say the same for the EMS…

Oh well, it’s still looking more and more like a real live wiring harness:

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