Roll bar fitting

First up on the forward fuselage docket was some fitting work for the roll bar/windshield support. This starts with two bolt holes per side, which are predrilled/punched in both the roll bar and the canopy rails; by temporarily installing bolts in these locations, the roll bar is held in place for the next operation, which is to take a total of twelve bolt holes that are predrilled in the roll bar base, and use them to drill through the longeron. That’s a lot of fasteners, but I suppose it makes sense if this is intended to act as rollover protection.

Look, a bunch of clecos:

Of course, the next step was in keeping with the usual build procedure: take the stuff right back apart and deburr those holes. So the roll bar didn’t really stay installed for very long.

Next up will be riveting the baggage bulkhead in place. I went ahead and got it clecoed in, but I decided that 10 PM was a bit late to be making noise with the rivet gun. Should make for a good place to pick back up tomorrow after work.

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