Seat floors done (structurally, at least)

No photos tonight, it was just sort of menial work. I riveted the rear seatback hinge half in place, in assembly with the appropriate stiffener. Then there were four nutplates on each seat floor that needed to be riveted – which required final-drilling, deburring, and countersinking. There were also eight nutplates that needed to be riveted to the forward baggage floor before I could call this section of the manual done. I did notice that apparently I never did any edge finishing on that baggage floor, but I ran out of time to do that tonight.

The only thing left to do on these pieces now is to prime and paint them. Looks like this weekend might be a paint weekend at this rate; I also have the throttle quadrant and right console that are ready for painting, which takes me back to the topic of picking a black paint I want to use for those pieces.

Beyond that, we still need to go back and finish the riveting on the forward bottom skins – I took some time tonight to review the manual and make sure I had an understanding of the things I’d skipped over previously.

Once that’s done…it’s on to the horizontal stab. This thing is about to start looking a whole lot more like an airplane…

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