Forward bottom skin fitting

OK, so not a ton of progress tonight, but hey…I actually did some more weeknight work. I know good and well that these short weeknight work sessions are at least as important as longer weekend ones, so I’m happy with myself.

Anyway, tonight I did some final-drilling and dimpling of the left and right forward bottom skins, then clecoed both of them along with the aft forward bottom skin in place. Then I sat down and carefully read through the next few pages in the construction manual, mainly because I found it weird that I was supposed to match-drill everything I’d just clecoed except the holes in common with the floor ribs. Turns out those holes are final-drilled after disassembly, probably because of the minimal clearance between the bottom skin and the forward floor. I imagine it’d be really easy to accidentally damage the floor match-drilling.

So yeah, next time I’ll actually do the match-drilling, then rip everything apart and go on a deburring and dimpling rampage. I might even take some pictures!

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