Tail stuff

So I’ve reached a point where I’m satisfied with systems work inside the cabin, and I’m ready to get back to assembly. Technically, the next task ought to be adding the forward side skins, but that requires back riveting some angles and sealing the firewall joint and other stuff that I didn’t feel like messing with tonight. So instead I moved forward with tailcone work.

First item of interest was the F-812 bulkhead assembly. The horizontal stab attach bars were riveted in place along with the upper support angle. Next the tail spring mount was clecoed and clamped into place, and the two previously-drilled #30 pilot holes were opened up to their final size of 1/4”. All the parts got deburred, and then I bolted the tail spring in place and added torque seal:

IMG 6826

The next step was to cleco the F-811 (aft most) bulkhead to the aft bottom skin and rivet it in place. This is kind of an obnoxious assembly since the bend of the skin is tight, and the bulkhead flanges really don’t want to sit flush against the skin. I shot about half of the rivets here, with mixed results, before getting frustrated and deciding to call it a night. There are at least two rivets that I think will need to be drilled out in the next work session. Oh well…

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