It’s funny how procrastination works; watching tons of flimsy excuses stack up, along with the perennial “just one more day” type of stuff. The dates here in my editor tell the story – it’s been just shy of two solid months since I worked on this project. A break while I was out of town for Christmas was unavoidable, but then after that…heh. “I should get back to work…tomorrow.” “It’s cold tonight and I don’t have a heater, I’ll wait until tomorrow.” “Blah blah blah.” Doing my first track day was another delay, since it was preceded by me doing some work on the car to get it up to snuff. Still, it was mostly excuses.

And yes, this entry doesn’t represent real work, but it’s a step in the right direction. This weekend brought some more car work, along with other commitments. I could have squeezed in garage time, but…well, excuses. I did decide, however, that one of the things helping me generate excuses was the messy state of the garage. There were tools and old car parts sitting all around, and it was easy on any day to get bummed about the need for cleanup. So tonight, I attacked the cleanup, in the hopes that this will make me more likely to do actual work tomorrow.

I could have done some actual work afterwards, but instead I came in to work on another project – studying for my instrument rating. I’ve decided that getting that rating is a goal for me this year. I’ve been talking about it for ages, and since I want to make the RV IFR-capable, having the rating should allow me to make far more informed decisions as to avionics.

So that’s it for now – I’m still alive, and the project (kind of) is as well.

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