OK, so this wasn’t even a real work night when you get down to it. I wanted to get out and get stuff done since I didn’t do anything over the weekend, but I was also kind of beat after work today and didn’t really feel like dealing with carefully fitting the right lower longeron. So instead I kind of made it a big-picture-planning night, or something like that. Basically I just read ahead in the instructions, looked ahead through the plans sheets, and got an overall view of how things went together. I may have, in the course of this, clecoed the side skins, cockpit rails, and windshield roll bar in place just so I could look at them and giggle. But that’s just a rumor.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow night so I can get some stuff done. I’ve also got to start seriously thinking about our Oshkosh trip, which is now only a little over two weeks away. Time to start dragging out and weighing the camping gear again…

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