More flap prep

Short night tonight. I got out the die grinder and went to work on the edges of the flap skins. Turned out to be a kind of tedious job what with all the odd bends and such, but not too horrible. I decided not to go ahead and dimple the skins; for one thing, it was about 11 by this time, and for another, I think I want to roll the edge where the top skin overlaps the bottom. I’ll do a bit of research before I decide to do that though.

I wasn’t quite ready to quit, so I decided to test-fit the two piano hinge halves for the flaps and figure out where to cut each half…in half. The instructions give two options for dealing with the hinge pin here; the first is to leave each hinge half in one piece, use a single pin for the entire flap, and drill a hole in the aileron bracket to allow for removing the pin for maintenance and such. The second option is to use two shorter pins, with a gap in the middle of the flap; in this case, the pins are removed from that center gap. I’m going to do the latter option, since it means not having to disconnect the aileron every time I need to remove the flap. That explanation probably doesn’t clarify much, but it should make more sense once I have some assembly photos later on.

Once again, no photos tonight.

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