Flap brace priming, aileron stiffeners

Didn’t get started until late in the afternoon, between flying in the morning and taking the dogs for a walk in the park in the afternoon. Once we got back home, my first order of business was to get the flap braces primed, since tomorrow’s weather is looking iffy. So I got those scuffed and cleaned and then went to work shooting primer once they were dry. I’m really liking the rig I came up with for holding parts upright while I prime:

IMG 5411

Once that was done, I went to work back riveting all the stiffeners to the aileron skins. I had to get Josie to come out and help me get to the rivets way back near the bend in the skins, but most of this was easy solo work.

IMG 5413

I also set all the rivets between the aileron gap fairings and the skin. I don’t see where they rivet in assembly with anything else, so no reason not to go ahead and get those rivets done.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be able to run to Home Depot to get materials to make a bending brake, then I can finish the trailing edge bend on the ailerons. I’ll also probably rivet the flap braces to the rear spar. I’ll have to shoot all those rivets with the gun, as the brace prevents access with a squeezer.

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