Primed right wing main ribs

Well, this hasn’t been a particularly productive weekend in terms of hours worked, but getting these wing ribs primed removes a fairly significant bottleneck for me. I’ve been hesitant to keep working on the left wing for the tim being; I’d prefer to be able to perform tasks on both wings pretty close together, to cut down on “how did I do this before?” moments. Plus, since I match-drilled the right wing, the right main spar has been sitting on my workbench, cause I don’t really have any other good place to store it. Hence why I’ve been focusing on gabbing up parts for both tanks recently.

Anyway, today I didn’t get to work until the afternoon, but i got the ribs scrubbed , dried, and primed. After some touch-up work, they’re now stacked int he garage where they can dry tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to working on riveting the right skeleton together. No photos today…

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