Riveted one rear spar

Another short evening in the shop due to other stuff going on, but doing something is better than nothing.  I started with bolting the tiedown brackets onto the main spars.  Nothing complicated here, just plain old nuts and bolts.

Tiedown bracket in place:

IMG 3012

Torque seal on the nuts.  These will be visible through one of the inspection panels under the wing, so I can make sure nothing is working loose:

IMG 3011

Then I went to work riveting the right rear spar.  I had previously taped over rivet holes that needed to wait for other parts; luckily, I double-checked the plans before starting to rivet, because there were some holes I forgot to cover on the small reinforcement plates.  In fact, there were relatively few rivets on those plates that could be set right now.  The reinforcement fork, on the other hand…most of those go in place now.

Reinforcement fork: (the end closest to the camera will eventually bolt into the fuselage)

IMG 3014

Inboard aileron hinge reinforcement plate.  Note that most of the holes remain unriveted:

IMG 3015

That completed riveting on the right spar.  I guess tomorrow I’ll knock out lefty, and then it’s going to be rib prepping time…

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