Riveted four nutplates

Yep, that’s all I did tonight.  I didn’t really expect to get a lot done, since I needed to pack stuff for the weekend trip to Chattanooga anyway, but I still wanted to get out and at least touch the project.  I’m still waiting on the backordered stuff, so starting on the tank attach nutplates is a no-go.  Didn’t really want to get involved with sanding down the rear spar channels and re-priming them either.  So I went to the next item on the main spars, where the instructions had me attach two nutplates to the inboard end of each spar.

I’d like to be able to tell you the purpose of these nutplates, but I have no idea.  There are references to drawing 11A of the center section, but that drawing is not with the wing kit, nor does it appear in my preview plans.  So I just gave up knowing what I was doing and just countersunk for the flush rivets and attached as directed.

I looked at moving on to the tiedown attach points, but looking over those instructions and drawings more carefully shows that there’s some fabrication of spacers and such to be done.  Since I didn’t want to get bogged down with that tonight, I went ahead and called it a (very short) night.

I’m planning to be back home Saturday night, hopefully I can get some god work done on those tiedown points on Sunday.

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