Stiffeners are primed. That is all.

So yeah, i got all the stiffeners and the trim reinforcement plate primed today.  After I’d shot primer, I embarked upon the deceptively simple-seeming task of changing the spark plugs in Josie’s car.  Five of them were really easy.  The sixth was anything but easy; I’m pretty sure we spent two hours on that one plug alone.  By the time that was done, it was dark and I needed to sit back, relax, and allow my rage at the engineers at Nissan die down.

At least it’ll be a little while before I need to prime again, so everything else upcoming can be done in the garage, without needing good weather or natural light.  Also, I scheduled myself for a BFR next weekend.  I haven’t flown since this past March, and I’ve been putting off the BFR forever and a day.

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