H-stab rear spar beginnings

Started building in earnest tonight.  Nothing really complex happened, unless you count me very gingerly working with my pricey aluminum bits.  I cleaned up the HS-609PP rear spar doubler, rounded the edges, and then clecoed and match-drilled it to the HS-603PP spar channels.  

I took care of a few firsts tonight as well.  First, I added my first bits of blood to the project. (adding my DNA just makes it that much more personalized, right?)  I still don’t know how I busted my knuckle.  I was match-drilling and wondering what these strange red flecks on the spar channel were when I noticed the knuckle.  Oh, that’s my blood.  That was after I got careless with the reamer and spun it across my formerly peerless aluminum, leaving a nice scratch in its wake.  I’ll have to make sure I clean that up thoroughly before priming later on…

Sorry, only one photo tonight.  I’m going to have to make a concerted effort to take photos as I go; It end to get involved in stuff I’m working on, to the point that stopping and taking pictures is the last thing on my mind.

IMG 3712

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