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More pitot planning

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Pitot planning

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Dusting off the wings (literally)

OK…after a fairly drawn-out, but largely successful hangar cleanup effort, it’s time to get back to practical work on this thing. I haven’t been totally lapsing the past few months – there’s been a fair amount of time nailing down … Continue reading

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Rudder system rigging

Basically what the title says. Tonight I got the rudder pedals rigged up. Last time, I quit for the night after realizing I needed the rear pedal hardware in place before messing around with the pedals. Here’s a look at … Continue reading

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Rudder cable stuff

OK, so this wasn’t exactly the most victorious of work sessions. I’d hoped to get the rudder cables rigged up and the pedals set up properly, but I didn’t make it that far. You see, before connecting the rudder cables … Continue reading

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Rudder stop adjustment

Tonight I picked up where I left off last night, with working out a method to measure rudder travel. As alluded to previously, I ended up creating an angle reference on the floor and using that, plus a plumb bob … Continue reading

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Rudder hanging

Time to get back at it. Tonight I decided to see about getting the rudder hung, preparatory to setting up the proper travel. First oder of business, dating back to when I fitted the rudder stop a while ago, was … Continue reading

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Panel-ey stuff

OK, so I’m not logging any actual time for this, which is pretty much in keeping with what I’ve been doing all along. I only really log time spent actually out in the shop. Time spent doing random research/reading/design/admin stuff … Continue reading

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Rudder stop fitting

The holidays are over! Which normally isn’t something people say in a joyous tone, but in this case it means I can start getting back into the swing of things. I spent most of today working on building some new … Continue reading

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Rudder control stuff

After an overnight stay in Houston for the FlightAware holiday party, we got back home early this afternoon, and I found a few hours to get a spot of work done. I decided to go ahead and attack stringing the … Continue reading

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